is a Domtastic Self Certified Domain!

What does this mean?

Having a Domtastic self certification means this domain has met certain criteria so an arbitrary guide value can be placed against it.

Part of our formula values your domain by comparing it against important factors such as:

In our experience these criteria can provide a good general overview of a domains potential. Research in general shows domains that score higher in these areas tend to be worth more than those that don't.

Disclaimer: Matters relating to the accuracy of the estimated domain value mean that Domtastic.co.uk can not be held responsible or liable for any trading or investment decisions you make based on our appraisal and estimated domain valuations. Remember: Market prices fluctuate. Estimated values can be greatly different from actual sale prices, and that sale prices can be inconsistent. 20/01/2019 www.domtastic.co.uk 

Potential value: